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About us

At Banco Mortgage Lender, we know a thing or two about mortgages. 

We know that each client has unique financial needs that require a unique product solution. Complicated credit history? Recently changed jobs? Interested in buying an investment property? We'll find the best loan for you.

We know that the financial process is complex. Our trained, licensed mortgage professionals know how to navigate you through the process smoothly and efficiently.

We know how to save you money. Our staff is knowledgeable about grant programs, government incentives, and first-time homebuyer programs.

We are dedicated to finding the best solution for each borrower. A quickly expanding, privately owned business. If you want a company that knows how to get you from the application to the closing table quickly and hassle-free, Banco Mortgage Lender is your partner for financial success.

Meet our Team

When you choose to work with Banco Mortgage Lender, you can be confident that our licensed mortgage professionals will help you achieve your financial goals. Our experienced staff brings diverse backgrounds in the finance industry.


Check out our staff profiles to learn more about what each of us can do for you! 

Robert Gonzalez
Founder & CEO
Guiderman Posso
Chief Executive Officer
Bernardo Cardoso
Head of Investment Banking Division
Guillermo Ceballos
Director South America Developments
Maria Micolta
Managing Director
Luz Maria Rivera
Juan F. Lacouture
Closing Coordinator
Juan Villa
Account Executive
Sindy Vaqsuez
Administrative Assistant
Join our Team

When you think about your career path, where do you see yourself going? A career at Banco Mortgage Lender gives you the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in a quickly expanding company. We are driven by the vision to deliver superior financial services to our clients - and that starts with our dedicated team of employees.


With excellent benefits and competitive compensation packages, Banco Mortgage Lender is your partner for professional success.


While our clients invest in their dream homes, we invest in you.


If you believe you could be an asset to the Banco Mortgage Lender team, send your resume to info@bancolender.com, or fill out the employment form below.

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    8270 West State Road 84 FL. 33324

Phone: 754-303-0318  -  Fax: 844.356.1170


NMLS# 1821732

    4751 Old Goldenrod Road, # 5, Orlando, FL. 32825

Phone:407.226.6544  -  Fax: 407.226.2784

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